A new political group in The Villages

To the editor:

I think it’s time for a new political group in The Villages. Reading the messages and letters here, it is clear that there is a strong, vocal, literate, and intelligent group of people within The Villages who still believe in a strong, democratic (small d) and rational, violence-free America, asking a civil war and angry rhetoric so evident on the airwaves, on the internet and in the media. This group, from my reading and impression, would consist of Independents, Democrats, and classic Republicans, either reformed or alienated by the MAGA mob or even some totally alienated by now by all things DC politics Some maybe have ever voted for Trump or even twice, but now they are rejected by the January 6 uprising and the risks to our government, our institutions and our democracy. Conversation within this group would be lively but civil; thought provoking yet reasonable and rational; challenging but reassuring. What you say?

Lisle Jackson
Town of Sanibel

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