Breaking news: No one is shoving vegan meat down your throat! | JAM’N 107.5

Jubal Fresh reported on a new study where scientists partially revived the organs of a dead pig! Does this mean we’ll soon be able to bring people back from the dead!? May be! Who are you bringing back? You can click here to get all the information about this scientific breakthrough here.

Alex Fresh reports on people who lie under oath when you should never lie under oath! After swearing in court during his defamation case, host Alex Jones was literally caught in a web of lies when it was revealed his lawyers accidentally sent his text message reports. You can click here to watch this on video.

Christian Gray Snow wants you to know that people are not shoving vegan meat down your throat! Cracker Barrel added vegan meat as an option to their menu and people are furious! You can click here to read all their angry responses.

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