I’m sick of political correctness, says Matt Goss |

Matt Goss hates political correctness.

The Bros star is returning to the UK after spending a decade in Las Vegas, and while he’s proudly British, Matt isn’t a fan of the country’s take-no-risk approach to life.

He said: “Please can we start a petition as bros for this ridiculous thing where you can’t even play conkers you have to wear glasses?

“That’s the biggest problem – you can’t play conkers in England.”

Matt, 53, believes Britons are being inhibited by politically correct ideas.

The pop star told Dom Joly on his ‘Sunday Session’ radio show: “I think the conker thing was my disgust at how politically correct this world is becoming.

“We’re known for our sense of humor, we really draw each other off.

“What I’m witnessing is that there’s always someone who says the wrong thing, and sometimes we have to.

“Kindness and respect are the basis of how we communicate and then that’s fine, but we need to deliver information in a much more frank way.”

Meanwhile, Matt previously revealed that he likes being called ‘eccentric’.

The singer starred alongside his bandmate and twin Luke Goss in ‘Bros: After the Screaming Stops’, and Matt has since accepted the public’s perception of him.

He shared, “I hear it all the time, especially from the movie, but I’d rather be eccentric than not. I really enjoy walking the streets and being around people who know our history. People come up and chat like yes” he has known me for years.

“I’ll get into a black cab and the driver will immediately say, ‘How’s your brother?’ how is vegas without even greeting first! I like it that way.”

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