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Congratulations to the Logos team

Please join me in congratulating the Logos Public Charter School Rogue Pack, coached by Chris VanNess, for winning the regional and then state environmental science competition called the Envirothon. The four-time state champion team represented Oregon at the national competition in July in Ohio, earning 27th place nationally in a tough competition.

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This is North America’s largest Envirothon, where each year more than 25,000 high school students compete with their innovative solutions to balance quality of life and quality of the environment. They competed in soil, forestry, wildlife and a topical issue (the waste of resources).

Envirothon is a great way for students to learn about environmental science. We recommend that more schools get involved. We are so proud of this fabulous group of students and their coach for their hard work and dedication!

Sheryl Zimmerer, Executive Director

Logos Chartered Public School

The rest of the story

A recent letter writer has a gripe about Jackson County Republicans rejecting the results of the 2020 presidential election.

I wonder if he is aware that it is an ongoing process by the Democrats to declare President Trump the illegitimate president. I wonder if you are aware that President Trump told his supporters in DC on January 6th to march on the Capitol to “make your voices heard in a peaceful and patriotic way.”

And finally, he is aware of the 2011 left-wing attacks on the Wisconsin Capitol, the May 2020 attempted assault on the White House by BLM, which resulted in the head injury of a duty officer secrecy and sent President Trump into the bunker, the summer of 2020 attack on the federal courthouse in Portland and the October 2021 breach of the Interior Department by climate activists ? I didn’t think so.

Gail Martin


Vote for wisdom

Emily McIntire is running for the Oregon House of Representatives, which includes the portion of Jackson County east of Eagle Point. As a member of the Eagle Point School Board, she has voted to remove all sex education from the curriculum.

McIntire is endorsed by Oregon Pro Life. In light of their positions, young girls would be left with no idea how to protect themselves from pregnancy, and then be forced to give birth to a child they are not ready for. As a nurse practitioner, I have seen children as young as 12 who realized they were pregnant too late, who were terribly traumatized by having a child, with lifelong educational and mental health consequences.

Support women’s right to choose. Vote for Jonathan Chenjeri.

Kate Coggin

Point Eagle

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