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How low will you go?

In response to the cartoon of Trump holding a shield against the arrows of the DOJ, FBI, etc., a comment in SE Cupp’s column below says it all: “…because nothing means anything else.”

Only the simplest minds idealize anarchy and fascism. The media should be encouraging clearer thinking, not condoning this terribly dangerous idiocy.

Dan Fellman


A sensitive senator

Southern Oregon is fortunate to be represented in Salem by Jeff Golden. He is attentive to constituents’ needs and an effective advocate for our region. Especially in strengthening our wildfire protection preparations, Jeff has provided strong leadership.

During the Almeda fire we evacuated and for several hours we thought our house might have burned down. Fortunately, we were among the lucky ones who escaped losing our home, but this experience exposed how vulnerable we all are.

It especially makes me appreciate SB 762 that Jeff championed, which moves us toward becoming a fire-friendly community. It also provides better equipment and training for fighting wildfires, as well as for landscape restoration at the forest-urban interface. Still, there is more work to be done and Jeff is working on it. I hope you will join me in supporting his re-election campaign!

Kevin Talbert


Banning guns in Ashland schools

The Ashland School District recently voted to ban guns on school property, even for licensed, law-abiding citizens. Do these geniuses think the next crazy 18 year old will be dissuaded from shooting up a school just because they put up “no/gun” signs on campus?

If you want to stop the killing, you must have an immediate armed response. If you want to get to the killer’s why, you should look at the connection to the mind-altering drugs that psychologists give our children, with the approval of school administrators.

Greg Reeser


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