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August 22, 1922


At the present time there is considerable residential building activity in this city and immediate vicinity, and the “fall building” will add up to about $50,000, counting what is actually under construction and what is contemplated.

EH Lamport has begun work on a $10,000 house to be built on the Pacific Highway, four miles south of this city. It will consist of six rooms with basement, fireplace, garage and modern throughout, built in the English rustic style of architecture with long gables and exterior concrete stucco work. The house is being built in an oak grove with four stately oaks surrounding it. The contract has been let to Larkin Reynolds, Frank H. Clark, design architect. Landscape work will be done by William Forde.

Two more beautiful cottages have been built in this area this summer.

Mrs. JS Vilas has plans drawn to erect an English country house on the section of the Vilas orchard. It will launch in the next two weeks and cost $4,000.

Work began Tuesday morning on a home for Milton D. Schuchard on Minnesota Avenue, which has been a favorite street for a number of new homes in the past year, including: George Porter, Dr. . MC Barber, Bert Theirolf and Lewis Ulrich. . The Schuchard house will be Dutch Colonial in style and will cost about $4,000.

Harry D. Mills will begin work shortly on a $6,000 house to be built in the Siskiyou Heights district. It will be of English type.

LD Bragg will build a house on his homestead south of the city, in the English Tudor style, at a cost of about $7,000.

The spring house builders had a strong inclination towards the colonial type of architecture, but a drift towards English types is shown in the autumn building. A couple of years ago, the California bungalow and mission type of architecture were all the rage.


The Red Cross rooms have been opened and the work supervised during the last two months by the local population, waiting to get a trained worker. Although the demands of the office are largely met by placing applicants in positions, yet there are many cases of sickness along with extreme poverty, in addition to the relief work of the soldiers of many types To continue the work until the annual call in November, it is necessary to supplement the funds. One method will be the sale of cakes at the Public Market on Saturday, where 50 cakes will be offered up to reasonable prices. Consider buying your Sunday cake there and help the organization a little.

— Alyssa Corman;

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