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The following news items were taken from the Mail Tribune archives 100 years ago

August 23, 1922


Ashland, August 23. — The Women’s Civic Improvement Club and their many friends are pleased with the prospects of completing the new community house, on Park street, the present season, and the prospects are also very promising. The clubhouse, in a partially completed state and located just off the main road leading to the parks, has been an eyesore for months, but a revival of building operations is now being proposed, with improvements to be completed at large scale exceeding previous expectations. It has long been rumored that Jesse Winburn would give $1,000 to the building fund, but current reports indicate that he will not only complete the entire building work, but will also generously endow the new institution with equipment, and that too. a plan in accordance with making the club rooms centers of culture and refinement. From a literary point of view there will be books, pictures and periodicals, from a musical point of view a pipe organ may be installed and, in a utilitarian sense, the community center will be equipped with all modern conveniences that can be found think up. With this vision realized, hope long deferred the promises of a good result.


Vernon Vawter, John W. Johnson and AH Miller returned last night from a several days’ fishing trip on Diamond Lake.

“It’s the best place to camp in the state,” says Mr. Johnson. “We’ve caught trout of all sizes up to eight pounds and they put up a real fight, too.”

Mr. Johnson was very excited about the fishing on Diamond Lake and says it will be even better in the early fall. Although the men were not hunting deer, they saw several deer.


Talent Brothers have taken over the dining room associated with their bakery, remodeled and rearranged the entire interior of the building, given it a new outfit, added new equipment and opened an updated restaurant and dining room serving home cooking at all hours

Of course they will continue the bakery, making all kinds of pastries and bread.

The Talents took over this bakery a few months ago, they have given top quality service, the best products and are building a splendid business.

— Alyssa Corman;

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