Mike Tomlin invites kids to Steelers practice after breaking up their fight

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Mike Tomlin offered a group of kids a much better option than fighting in the streets this week by inviting the brawling youngsters to a Steelers practice, and the gesture was AMAZING.

According to FOX Sports Jay Glazer, Tomlin was driving his car when he saw a group of children fighting in his path.

The 50-year-old immediately pulled over and got out of his car to try and break it up… and when the kids realized who was telling them to stop throwing their hands at each other, they promptly ended the his flesh

Best thing/story I’ve seen so far in my camp. A bit of history. @CoachTomlin He was driving his car when he saw these kids fighting in the street. Tomlin stops and the kids, obviously shocked by who got out of the car, stop fighting. (Read the full story below) pic.twitter.com/08pFlZTtfx

— Jay Glazer (@JayGlazer) August 18, 2022

Glazer says Tomlin took several hours out of his day to hang out with the kids, who attend a local community center, and invited them to the Steelers’ practice Wednesday at Saint Vincent College (an hour away east of Acrisure Stadium).

And as you can see in Glazer’s video from the camp, they had a blast!!!

The kids got first-hand football knowledge from not only Tomlin, but the Steelers star as well Najee Harris too!

The boys went through ladder drills, and best of all, there was no fighting.

The scene was amazing … and thankfully, it’s becoming a regular place in Pittsburgh, and Harris also made a big donation to Pittsburgh Public Schools earlier this year.

Well done guys!

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