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The Haven offers products for mental, physical and spiritual well-being

The Haven, a new retail store in Ashland, features an extensive collection of crystal, art, jewelry, apparel and wellness products. [Photo by Denise Baratta]

Founders Sanandaji Kryst, left, and Shekinah Ma Kryst during the grand opening of The Haven Friday in Ashland. [Photo by Denise Baratta]

A long-vacant space at 142 E. Main St. in Ashland opened Friday as The Haven, a store offering products for mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Visitors entering the two-story wood-paneled space on Friday were greeted by Daniel Sperry’s cello music and a multitude of sparkling crystals.

“What would it be like, how would it feel, if you could have the chance to experience heaven on earth for a moment?” said Sanandaji Kryst, co-owner of The Haven with his wife, Shekinah Ma Kryst.

The couple said they were married in a previous life, which they learned as soon as they met. Standing in the center of the store in nearly matching white and gold outfits, the couple said they moved to Ashland the day of the Almeda fire, after traveling the world picking up items for sale at The Haven .

“If we had had this kind of thing along our journey, we know it would have been very beneficial,” Kryst explained, “Of course you don’t need tools to experience divinity, but it does help.”

On tables throughout the space, different types of crystals shone on signs describing the effects each promised. Amethyst for the third eye and creativity, smoky quartz for earth and calming, citrine for prosperity.

In the center of the sales floor is a jewelry counter that offers talismans made from other gems or containing small water vessels collected from places around the world where miracles have occurred, Shekinah Ma Kryst said.

“We took these waters and blessed them even more,” he said.

Along the store’s walls, visitors can find hand-rolled incense, pashmina scarves, superfood supplements and teas.

“These families, who have been doing this for generations, don’t just make tea. They ask the plant if it would like to be picked,” said Mia O’Brien, director of events at The Haven.

On the store’s second floor, workshops will be offered on how to use the teas, crystals, essential oils and other items sold at The Haven, O’Brien said, including how to make your own essential oil perfume.

The owners said they look forward to working with other local businesses and the community.

“We want to have a projection, work together, create together. Our intention in the near future is to support local charities. That’s something we’d like to hear from the Ashland community — what’s needed?” Shekinah Ma Kryst said.

A lounge with white sofas at the back of the shop will be used for tea ceremonies on tables with glass tables balanced on huge crystals.

Rooms once used as dressing rooms are now mediation pods, O’Brien said. Visitors can walk in, close the curtain, sit on the benches and admire the artwork created by The Haven’s owners. Through the beauty of the works, the owners hope, visitors will receive something sacred.

“People in general experience the same thing: they wake up in the morning; they go to work; they feed their children; they go to sleep,” Kryst said

“So what would it be like to be lifted up in a cathartic way? Without having to take yourself out of reality and still be a part of it at the same time,” Kryst said.

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