On January 6, the insurgency focused on a political ad targeting Duval County

The Duval County Democratic Party posted the announcement on its Twitter page.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A political ad made by the Duval County Democratic Party and posted on Twitter targets Duval County School Board candidate April Carney saying show a facebook post in which he says he was “there” at the 2021 capitol uprising.

“It was important for us to be able to share that information with the voters and let them make a judgment call about whether or not he was the right person for this very important position,” Daniel Henry said.

He is the chairman of the Duval County Democratic Party and wants Carney to publicly address the Twitter post.

His campaign accuses Democrats of “lying” and “defaming,” calling the image “false.” Carney has not commented directly.

“Every teacher I’ve talked to is outraged that it’s come this far and they’re scared that he’s on the board,” DCPS teacher Chris Guerrieri said.

He runs the blog ‘Education Matters’ and wants a public debate on the controversy.

“Why he didn’t take the time to say yes or no is beyond me, but I think it also says a lot,” Guerrieri.

A spokesman for Carney says the demands for comment offer a bogus option because “it’s impossible to prove a lie.”

Carney, who has the support of Gov. Ron DeSantis, is challenging incumbent school board member Elizabeth Andersen. The primary election is August 23.

🚨 Rumors have circulated that the Radical School Board candidate, April Carney, was there #6degenerInsurrection. Now we may have evidence of April itself! But it’s no surprise since then #SteveBannon has supported his campaign.

Vote NO👎 to April Carney!#jaxpol #flapol pic.twitter.com/gNc9EFnX8h

— Duval County Democratic Party (@DuvalDEC) August 10, 2022

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