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The 8 million euros spent by the parties on “personnel” expenses is, however, the lowest figure in the last decade. The highest amount was recorded in 2011, when 9.7 million euros were spent. In total, during the last 10 years (between 2011 and 2021) 98.6 million euros have been spent.

In 2021, the PCP was the top-spending political party, spending 2.6 million euros on its more than 300 employees (“including active retirees, whose number has increased”), according to party information submitted to DN. The party led by Jerónimo de Sousa is followed by the PSD with 2 million, the PS with 1.8 million and the Bloc d’Esquerda (583 thousand euros). It is followed by the CDS, which in the previous legislature had parliamentary representation, with 480 thousand euros, the PAN (almost 260 thousand euros), the Liberal Initiative (160 thousand), Chega (more than 100 thousand) and Livre (71 thousand euros) ). euros).

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