Politicians campaign on the third day of the Iowa State Fair

DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa’s storied tradition is back for another year, and Iowa’s big gathering became a magnet for political activity on Saturday.

Several Iowa politicians, including Gov. Kim Reynolds and Sen. Joni Ernst, toured the fairgrounds on the third day of the Iowa State Fair. Reynolds and Ernst spent the morning grilling pork chops in the Iowa Pork Tent and talking to constituents about the issues that bother them.

“It’s all about inflation, inflation, inflation,” Ernst said. “We have a lot of happy people here at the fair, enjoying life a lot, but I know when they go home, all of this will affect them. The cost of food, the cost of fuel… all of it.”

Two high-profile Republican challengers also made the rounds at the State Fair on Saturday. Zach Nunn, who is facing Rep. Cindy Axne for the congressional seat that holds Des Moines, and Brenna Bird, who is facing longtime Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller.

“I think we’re a benchmark for the rest of the country,” Nunn said. “If we flip this seat in Iowa, we can change the entire landscape of Washington DC”

“The State Fair is important because Iowa is here and we can hear their concerns and learn about them,” Bird added. “I personally ask them for their vote.”

Deidre DeJear, the Democrat challenging Reynolds for governor of Iowa, also appeared at the State Fair Saturday afternoon.

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