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Most of the 33-mile-long Rim Drive from Crater Lake North Junction to park headquarters will be closed to motor vehicles from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on September 10 and 17. [Discover Klamath Visitor & Convention Bureau photo]

Shuttle service available for the annual Crater Lake event

CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK: Bicyclists and others planning to Ride the Rim on two Saturdays this September can take advantage of a park shuttle service.

Ride the Rim organizers said the trolleys will be available to transport cyclists, walkers, runners and others on September 10 and 17. Trolleys will transport participants with stops at park headquarters parking areas in Munson Valley, Picnic Hill at Rim Village and North Junction. East Rim Drive will be closed to motor vehicles from the north junction to park headquarters.

Free rides will be offered in both directions along West Rim Drive. Helmets are mandatory for all ages, including adults. Since the Rim Drive is closed on both days of travel from the North Junction to park headquarters, most participants start from this location.

Both days, 25 miles of the 33-mile-long Rim Drive from North Junction to park headquarters will be closed to motor vehicles from 8 a.m. Basic bicycle repair tools and kits will be available at rest stops of basic first aid.

Unfenced bike corrals will be at both the North Junction and Park Headquarters. Corrals can be used to park bikes while riding the shuttle to start the ride and to retrieve parked vehicles.

In addition, organizers said a concessionaire, Explore Southern Oregon, will offer a round-trip shuttle on Sept. 10 from Klamath Falls to Crater Lake and back for $99. Space is limited. Shuttle services will depart at 6 and 9 am. For more information and reservations, see southernoregotours.com.

Trip organizers also posted a list of “what to expect” items. While snacks, water and other amenities are provided, the event is donation-based, so “we don’t have control over much, or little is provided. We suggest you bring a few things with you so you can be better prepared.” Items participants should bring include refillable water bottles, snacks, layers of clothing in case of cool weather, and bike repair tools.

Participants are also reminded that due to the park’s high elevation, people, especially those of lower elevations, may experience possible symptoms of altitude sickness. The elevation at park headquarters is 6,450 feet. Elevation at both Rim Village, 3 miles from headquarters, and Discovery Point, 4.1 miles from headquarters, is 7,100 feet.

Other points of interest, with distances from park headquarters and elevation along Rim Drive, include: The Watchman Trailhead, 4.1 miles, 7,350; North Junction, 9.1 miles, 7,050; Cleetwood Cove, 13.7 miles, 6,850; Wineglass, 16.5 miles, 6,700; Skell Head, 17.9 miles, 7,100; Kerr Notch, 24.4 miles, 6,700; Dutton Ridge, 27 miles, 7,350; Cascades Vidae, 30 miles, 6,600; and park headquarters, 33 miles, 6,450.

Organizers also note that the Cloudcap Overlook, which turns off Rim Drive just past the Whitebark Pine Rest Stop, is a one-mile detour to the park’s highest road access overlook at an elevation of 7,700 feet The overlook offers views of Wizard Island and Mount Scott.

Ride the Rim apparel, including 2022 logo T-shirts and T-shirts, is available and images can be viewed at discoverklamath.com.

Ride the Rim participants can receive a $5 discount on admission to the Klamath Basin Oktoberfest on September 17th. To receive a discount, people must show a Ride the Rim registration confirmation or wristband, which will be available at park headquarters or North Junction.

Pre-registration for the annual Ride the Rim is available at ridetherimoregon.com/registration/. There is no fee, but a $10 donation per participant is suggested because, according to Discover Klamath Visitor & Convention Bureau, the event’s organizer, “Every little bit helps us bring you an amazing event.” Registrations can also be done at the event.

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