The emergence of Newsjacking – What is Newsjacking?

Recognizing the importance of connecting with their audience in a more personal way, many brands have taken an emerging approach to creating news-inspired content: newsjacking.

What is newsjacking?

Brands can use two significant categories of trends: microtrends and macrotrends. The former refers to popular memes, videos, GIFs, TikTok dance, etc., and the latter includes big events such as award ceremonies or royal weddings.

Newsjacking refers to brands taking advantage of breaking news and trending topics to share their unique perspectives and engage in online conversations.

How does newsjacking benefit businesses?

By jumping on the right trend at the right time, brands can gain more social media exposure and engage with their current and potential audiences. Brands can also enjoy substantial online engagement if they post a strategic news story.

Also, by being one of the first to contribute thoughts on breaking news or an emerging trend, a company is more likely to be cited by journalists as they produce related coverage.

When to do the newsjack?

The right time for breaking news is as soon as a story relevant to your industry occurs before reporters are looking for information for their coverage.

People’s use of social media for news research and consumption demonstrates how and when newsjacking can improve a company’s online visibility and engagement with its audience.

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