Three killed in shooting at Narcotics Anonymous Florida meeting

EDGEWATER, Florida — A man walked into a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in Florida and fatally shot his ex-girlfriend and her friend before turning the gun on himself, police said Tuesday.

Quinton Hunter brandished the gun shortly after entering the meeting Monday night, Edgewater Police Chief Joseph Mahoney said during a news conference Tuesday. About 20 other participants fled and called the police, he said.

Erica Hoffman and Ian Greenfield were already dead when officers arrived, the chief said. Sometime after the shooting, Hunter began recording a Facebook Live video that showed him wearing glasses and breathing heavily.

“It appears, based on the timeline that we have, that he had already shot Mr. Greenfield and fired other shots before he went live,” the chief said. “But he didn’t make any comment, he didn’t communicate with us. Just heavy breathing. It was very strange.”

Officers attempted to make contact with the suspect for negotiations before a SWAT team entered the building and found the gunman and the other two dead inside, the post said.

Hunter had a violent criminal history, the chief said. He also said investigators are still trying to figure out the relationship between Greenfield and Hoffman, and that Hunter may have been motivated by jealousy.

The meeting was held at the offices of Be The Bridge, a non-profit organization that helps the homeless and others get a fresh start in life.

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