Americans have increasingly negative views of the other political party

The Trump era has been intensely polarized in a country that was already seeing its social fabric stretched. A a big Pew poll this week shows how bad it has gotten. (Pew interviewed 6,174 Americans. For context: most good national polls only interview about 1,000 people.) The survey’s biggest finding? Democrats and Republicans agree: They really don’t like Republicans and Democrats. Since 2016, a growing number of people in each party simply don’t like people in the other party. They increasingly see people with different political views as closed-minded, dishonest, unintelligent and even immoral. Among Democrats, 63% see Republicans as…

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Political animals! These stars are proud supporters of the Republican Party

Several celebrities have shared their political views with the world, with some in the US proudly supporting the Republican Party and, in some cases, controversial former President Donald Trump. Here are 10 such stars! Vote Republican! Updated 2 hours ago Several celebrities have shared their political views with the world, with some in the US proudly supporting the Republican Party and, in some cases, controversial former President Donald Trump. Here are 10 such stars! Melissa Joan Hart Updated 2 hours ago The “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” star is a proud supporter of the Republic and is happy to be open…

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As Jan. 6 probe widens, officials fear DOJ resources at breaking point

WASHINGTON – It’s the “broadest investigation” in the history of the Justice Department: the unprecedented hunt for hundreds of rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol in the name of Donald Trump on January 6, 2021, and the criminal investigation into efforts to stop the peaceful transfer. of power It’s also a logistical nightmare. As the cases against the Capitol rioters make their way through the court system and a federal grand jury hears testimony about Trump’s role on Jan. 6, some federal officials are expressing concern that the already sprawling investigation could take from January 6 to a breaking point….

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Salman Rushdie, whose writing prompted the Iranian death fatwa, stabbed on stage

CHAUTAUQUA, N.Y. (AP) – Salman Rushdie, the author whose writing drew death threats from Iran in the 1980s, was attacked and apparently stabbed in the neck Friday by a man who rushed to the stage when he was about to give a lecture in Western New York. A bleeding Rushdie, 75, was taken to a hospital. His condition was not immediately known. His agent, Andrew Wylie, said the writer was on a ventilator on Friday evening, with a damaged liver, severed nerves in an arm and an eye he was likely to lose. An Associated Press reporter witnessed a man…

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“Unfortunately, we knew it would come”: more than 300 people have already died this year on the streets of La Vall

PHOENIX – At least 337 homeless people have already died this year on the streets of the Valley and the numbers seem to be growing at a record pace. “It’s devastating, shocking, unfortunately we knew it was coming,” said Phoenix’s spokesman Marty Hames. Circle the City. Hames said homelessness is on the rise and the valley’s higher housing costs are fueling it. “They don’t have anywhere else to turn other than the street,” Hames said. Troy Kallhoff had been homeless just over two weeks ago, forced to live in a friend’s yard. “Not knowing where I’m going to eat or…

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Growing political power of women on display in Kansas abortion vote

BDN’s opinion section operates independently and does not set editorial policies or contribute to reporting or editing articles elsewhere in the newspaper or bangordailynews.com. “What’s wrong with Kansas?” After that state’s vote to keep abortion protections in the state constitution, many might respond that “there’s nothing wrong with Kansas.” Unless this vote was a fluke, what happened in Kansas has sent a signal about the future of American politics. The Kansas question was first asked by William Allen White in an 1896 classic editorial. He criticized the populism of the state and attacked men who talked about large public spending…

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Trump, Mar-a-Lago, Inflation Reduction Act: This week’s political news

Trump, Mar-a-Lago, Inflation Reduction Act: This Week’s Political News News Sports Entertainment Life Money Technology Travel Opinion The search for Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate topped a busy week in politics, which included the passage of the Inflation Relief Act and the primaries. The House passed the Inflation Reduction Act, sending it to President Joe Biden. National gas prices fell below $4 a gallon. Biden signed the PACT Act and addressed the Kentucky floods.Rep. Ilhan Omar barely won the primary. Trump called for the fifth in a statement. “This week has been monumental.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s statement to reporters before…

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A Tampa man was shot and killed by Hillsborough deputies after a fight at the party

published July 24|Updated July 24 TAMPA – Hillsborough deputies opened fire on a Tampa man, fatally wounding him, after an altercation at a party early Sunday. The shooting happened at Bristol Bay Apartments, 4709 Bristol Bay Way, after deputies responded about 12:42 a.m. to a 911 call about a disturbance, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. Two men had gotten into an argument and physical altercation in a parking lot of the beige and brown complex off US 41 south of the Lee Roy Selmon Freeway, and one man fired more than once. No one was injured. The fatal…

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