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DEDHAM, Mass. – A judge dismissed allegations of impropriety after a defense attorney for Karen Read, accused of killing her Boston police officer boyfriend, on Tuesday questioned the court’s ability to deliver a fair trial in the case.

Karen Read, of Mansfield, returned to Norfolk Superior Court Tuesday afternoon, in a chaotic courtroom that saw several interruptions with hundreds of people on a Zoom call during open session, with callers going on and off during the call as Read sat next to her defense attorneys in court.

His lawyer, Alan Jackson, argued that the court employs family members who are closely tied to the case.

ADA Lally says witnesses are being harassed because of information that has been shared with the media. He is seeking a gag order in the case of Karen Read. #boston25

— Ted Daniel (@TedDanielnews) July 25, 2023

“The decision should be an expression of the court’s unwavering commitment to justice, to fairness … actual impartiality is not enough to deny this motion,” Jackson said.

He added that “a reasonable person looking at this from the outside” might think the court has some relationship that would compromise its ability to be fair.

Read’s attorney, David Yannetti, fires back, “How dare you!” to the indictment petition for a gag order. He says he has every right to defend his client in and out of court #boston25

— Ted Daniel (@TedDanielnews) July 25, 2023

Jackson spoke about claims that Judge Beverly Cannone had past relationships with people connected to the case, claims the judge strongly denounced.

“In particular, there is some allegation that I have some relationship with a man named Sean McCabe. That is simply not the truth,” Cannone said, adding that he does not know Sean McCabe and “I have never spoken to him.”

“I have never interacted with him and I certainly have not socialized with him or any family members or witnesses whose names have been mentioned in court,” Cannone said before denying motions raised by the defense.

“I think it points out that this recusal motion is not credible,” Cannone said.

“I want to make it very clear that I reject the idea that false or unfounded rumors spread on the Internet can compel a judge to recuse himself,” Cannone said.

“The four points raised in the defendant’s motion have no merit. Your motion is denied,” Cannone said.


After the judge offered the defense a chance to appeal, Jackson said, “We’re not inclined to appeal.”

Prosecutor Adam Lally told the court he believes in the court’s ability to give Read a fair trial.

“I personally have never had a question or a moment of pause about the ability of this court to be fair and impartial in this case,” Lally said.

Lally said witnesses are being harassed because of information that has been shared with the media. He asked for a gag order just in case.


Read is accused of hitting and killing O’Keefe, her boyfriend, with her SUV while dropping him off at a party at a fellow police officer’s house in Canton in January 2022.

O’Keefe’s battered and bruised body was discovered in a snow bank outside the home the next morning.

Prosecutors allege Read was drunk behind the wheel when he hit O’Keefe while making a three-point turn in the driveway.


Read has maintained his innocence from the beginning, and his defense team says there is evidence that not only proves he is innocent, but also points to a cover-up.

Defense attorneys have alleged that O’Keefe was brutally beaten and attacked by a dog inside the Canton home and that Read is being framed for his murder.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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