BREAKING NEWS: The New York Department of Health issues an alert after detecting a case of polio

BREAKING: New York Health Department issues alert after polio case detected Kateryna Kon/

The New York Department of Health has issued an alert after detecting a case of polio as reported on Thursday, July 21.

The New York Department of Health issued the polio case alert on Twitter:

New Yorkers should know that those who are already vaccinated are at lower risk and that the polio vaccine has long been part of the @CDCgovchildhood immunization program, required by NYSDOH for all school-age children. ⬇️

— NYSDOH (@HealthNYGov) July 21, 2022

Credit: Twitter @HealthNYGov

Poliomyelitis is a viral disease that affects the nervous system and causes muscle weakness. It usually enters the body through the mouth, from contaminated hands, usually from the faces of an infected person.

“Based on what we know about this case, and polio in general, the Department of Health strongly recommends that unvaccinated people be vaccinated or boosted with the FDA-approved IPV polio vaccine as soon as possible,” he said. said Mary T. said Bassett.

“The polio vaccine is safe and effective, protects against this potentially debilitating disease, and has been part of the backbone of routine and necessary childhood immunizations recommended by health officials and public health agencies across the country,” he added. .

New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan stated, “Vaccines have protected our health against old and new viruses for decades.”

“The fact is, the urgency for safe and effective vaccines has always been here, and we need New Yorkers to protect themselves against completely preventable viruses like polio.”

News of the New York polio case quickly went viral on Twitter:

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Health officials in New York are reporting a case of polio, the first in the United States in nearly a decade.

— Lauren St. Germain (@LaurenWFTS) July 21, 2022

Credit: Twitter @LaurenWFTS

Dawkins cried!

Case of polio confirmed in New York in first known possible infection in nearly a decade

— Rt Hon Sir European, always 🏳️‍🌈🇪🇺😷💉x3💚 (@AndyEuropean) July 21, 2022

Credit: Twitter @AndyEuropean

Today a case of #poliomyelitis it was announced to #New York.

childhood #vaccination against #polio it is recommended

Over the last few years we have seen a ⬆️ a #vaccine preventable diseases: If you’ve fallen behind on vaccinations, now’s the time to catch up, it could save your life!

— Krutika Kuppalli, MD FIDSA (@KrutikaKuppalli) July 21, 2022

Credit: Twitter @KrutikaKuppalli

New York has sinkholes and now polio is happening up there???????

— mhm (@samdntkno) July 21, 2022

Credit: Twitter @samdntkno

Exactly, the New York polio outbreak can be extinguished quickly with targeted polio vaccination and ongoing disease surveillance. #endpolio

— John Butler (@ButlerJohnW) July 21, 2022

Credit: Twitter @ButlerJohnW @amymaxmen

A case of polio was identified Thursday in Rockland County, New York, according to the New York State Department of Health. This was later confirmed by the CDC.
This is a developing story.#FFS

— Alistair James 🇨🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@brundle_fly) July 21, 2022

Credit: Twitter @brundle_fly

Okay, this is getting out of hand. New York City has cases of polio, monkey pox, and there is a vaccine-evading variant of Covid. WTAF is happening here.😰😱

— Tifféloyx is excessively black (@tiffeloyx) July 21, 2022

Credit: Twitter @Phil_Lewis_ @tiffeloyx

Megyn, you went to Bethlehem Central in Delmar, NY. Surely they had to be vaccinated, ridiculous hypocrite, and that’s why they didn’t have outbreaks of measles or polio.

By the way, New York had its first case of polio in a decade, so kudos for helping us go back to 1940.

— FredSlacksIsAWinnerMonkey (@WalterMarieD) July 21, 2022

Credit: Twitter @WalterMarieD @TheEliKlein @megynkelly

News of New York’s polio alert comes shortly after China detected a case of bubonic plague in its Ningxia Hui region, prompting it to launch an emergency response.

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