Breaking News: This has got to be the dumbest studio ever! | JAM’N 107.5

Jubal Fresh reports on the dumbest study ever! A scientist surveyed people in the Midwest to see how afraid they were of sharks, which makes no sense because there are no sharks or bodies of water anywhere near the Midwest! You can click here to see the results of this study! afraid of sharks! It doesn’t make sense but you can click here

Alex Fresh reports that the Honey boo Boo reality star is moving forward with her gastric bypass surgery despite the disapproval of her mother ‘Momma June’. You can click here to read more about this messy family affair. of his mother Mama June!

Social Media Producer Christian Gray Snow reports on something that happened at Walmart! A Florida man has been charged with DUI after driving into a Walmart shelf while riding one of his scooters! You can click here to read more about this story!


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