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I am a lifelong fan of the Sunday “funnies” (over 70 years). MT’s comic selection is one of my favorites, but last month I noticed that the third page of your prints (“Blondie” and “Wizard of ID”) had the top and bottom of the your panels The heads and word balloons of poor Dagwood and Blondie, along with the feet of the Wizard cast, are separated from the post. Is this a local (MT) snafu or is it how your staff is receiving it?

—TH, Medford

You, TH, are this month’s Eagle-Eyed Reader Award winner, given to the person who is most polite and diplomatic when pointing out an error in the paper.

You weren’t the only person who noticed this mess, as you call it, but you were certainly the nicest, unlike the gentleman who began his note: “Who supplies your Sunday comic section is asleep the half the time…”

We do not print the Sunday “funnies” at home, TH They are delivered to us by a company in Klamath Falls and we insert them into the paper.

After your letter, we called them and they were suitably mortified, and as you’ll see in today’s comics, Dagwood’s hair is fully visible, the Wizard’s gear is intact, and no word balloons have been deflated.

We would have loved to give you a plaque with your Eagle-Eyed Reader Award, but the Oregon Outdoors team’s budget has expanded exponentially in recent years, at the expense of SYA’s budget, so we had to remove the plates.

But instead we were told we could post a huge, sincere Attaboy, which is hereby offered: You da man, TH!

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