Political Rewind: Cody Hall, adviser to Gov. Brian Kemp, 2024 talks, Israel trip, Trump, budget

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The panel:

Cody Hall, Senior Advisor to Governor Brian Kemp, @CodyHallGA

Greg Bluestein, political reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, @bluestein

The breakdown:

1. Many Georgians are wondering about Kemp’s plans for 2024.

A new survey of Reference communications shows that Donald Trump is the favorite among conservative voters in Georgia. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis follows them in popularity and Kemp follows both. Neither DeSantis nor Kemp has announced a 2024 presidential run.

LISTEN: Cody Hall talks Kemp’s 2024 ambitions.

2. Kemp on the GOP moving past Trump.

LISTEN: Cody Hall on the future of the Republican Party.

3. Kemp owns the exercise of vetoes.

The Republican governor has vetoed at least 14 bills passed by the General Assembly during this year’s legislative session. He also vetoed nine line items in the state’s $32.4 billion fiscal 2024 budget.

Hall talks about making decisions about the state budget.

4. Kemp will travel to Israel later this week.

Kemp will depart on the economic mission this weekend. The governor also visited Davos, Switzerland earlier this year.

LISTEN: Room on governor’s planned trip to Israel.

Thursday in political rewind: Chuck Bullock of the University of Georgia joins the panel.

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