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BREAKING NEWS: Three arrested on four counts of reckless homicide

Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2023 at 5:40 pm

Law enforcement announced Wednesday that three suspects were arrested and charged with four counts of reckless homicide in connection with the mass shooting during a teenager’s “sweet sixteen” party in Dadeville on Saturday.

Two of the suspects, brothers Tyreese “Ty Reik” McCullough, 17, and Travis McCullough, 16, both of Tuskegee, were arrested on April 18 at approximately 8 p.m.

Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) special agents made a third arrest Wednesday, formally charging 20-year-old Wilson LaMar Hill Jr. with ‘Auburn on four counts of reckless homicide.

“The three individuals were charged after a complex and extensive investigation was conducted with the assistance of a multitude of law enforcement agencies, following the shooting that took place on April 15” , ALEA Sergeant Jeremy Burkett said. “The shooting left four dead and 32 injured.

The shooting happened around 10:45 p.m. Saturday at the Mahogany Masterpiece Dance Studio in Dadeville during Alex “Lexi” Dowdell’s birthday party. The young woman’s brother, Philstavious Dowdell, 18, died from gunshot wounds he received during the shooting.

Tallapoosa County Coroner Mike Knox released the names of the four victims killed in the shooting, identifying them as Dowdell, Corbin Dahmontrey Holston, 23, of Dadeville, Marsiah Emmanuel Collins, 19, of Opelika, and a 17-year-old. Dadeville resident Shaunkivia Nicole Smith.

Alabama law defines reckless homicide as killing under circumstances manifesting an extreme indifference to human life. [when] engages in reckless conduct that creates a serious risk of death to a person other than himself and thereby causes the death of another person.

At a news conference Wednesday morning, Burkett urged the community to continue to provide information to officials. He assured the community that the combined agencies will continue to work to bring justice for the victims and their families.

“Make no mistake about it,” Burkett said. “This is Alabama and when you pull out a gun and start shooting people, we’re going to put you in jail.”

“Someone has to start thinking about mothers,” she continued. “We’re tired of going to the mothers and having to tell them these kids aren’t coming home.”

Mike Segrest, District Attorney for the 5th Judicial Circuit, acknowledged the community’s frustration with the lack of information available and urged patients as the investigation continues.

“As a prosecutor, I cannot discuss the facts of the case,” Segrest said. “This is a very complex case. We have many more victims…four who are in critical condition. There will be pending charges. We will make sure that every one of these victims gets justice.”

Segrest, who knew some of the victims personally, described the trauma that bystanders had suffered during the shooting.

“There’s an uncut cake and 16 unlit candles that were never lit,” Segrest said. “Lexi’s brother was one of the victims. [At] his 16th birthday party, knelt by his brother’s side as he breathed his last. That’s what we’re dealing with here.

Segrest asked victims and witnesses to connect with his office to share information or get resources to deal with the tragedy. visit for more information.

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