VOSD Podcast: The Art of Political Senders


He has an amendment to the lawsuit against former County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher and the Metropolitan Transit System come to light this week.

Fletcher’s accuser now claims in her lawsuit that MTS offered $10,000 late compensation, and included a section saying she could not disparage Fletcher or MTS. (MTS as at the time was the employer of the accuser and Fletcher was the chairman of the board.)

It could be an even bigger deal than before for the public agency. If this is true, it could imply that MTS knew about the relationship between Fletcher and the employee even earlier and may have condoned Fletcher’s use of his personal attorney to deal with the matter of him allegedly harassing and assaulting her.

Now, then, the elections: To replace Fletcher on the board, there will be a special election on August 15. If no one wins outright, there will be a runoff in November. The winner will serve the final three years of Fletcher’s term.

As always, elections mean shippers. And in the words of VOSD podcast host Scott Lewis, “Senders are like the central hub of local politics. If you boil down the politics, you’re left with the content of the mail.”

In this episode, Lewis described to co-hosts Andrea Lopez-Villafaña and Jakob McWhinney that emails, while objectively annoying inbox stuff that most people immediately throw away, are created by strategists who have a lot of data about who they’re targeting. So, in addition to making the case for or against a particular candidate, this postal padding also serves as an indicator of what pundits think they know about the electorate.

In this week’s show, our crew takes a look at some of the shippers that have landed in District 4, as well as some historical artifacts that illustrate tactics often used through the art of crafting.

Do you have a good mail? Send it our way! You can email them back so Lewis can keep it in his personal drawer (no kidding). Or you can send images via email (info@voiceofsandiego.org) or Twitter (@natejohn or @vosdscott).

Month: Every day this week, we’ve gotten more news about who’s leaving the Union-Tribune after it was sold again. And the wild world of water politics continues, now coming to Sacramento to determine how regional water entities can manage each other.

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