Spectators at the show are caught on camera entering an Amazon truck

Sideshow spectators break into Amazon truck during Sacramento area street takeover

Spectators at the show allegedly threw objects into the cargo container.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A street takeover in the Sacramento area turned violent after California Highway Patrol troopers say bystanders broke into an Amazon truck.

In a Facebook post Saturday morningCHP Valley Division Air Operations said they assisted the Sacramento and Elk Grove Police Departments after sideshows involving hundreds of vehicles and bystanders were reported.

At one point, an Amazon truck driver was surrounded as people began climbing up and throwing objects at the semi, according to video released by the CHP. Eventually, show goers allegedly broke into the cargo container.

Police say the truck driver was able to get out of the area unharmed, limiting the cargo theft.

According to the CHP, multiple arrests were made.

The Sacramento Police Department said the show took place on July 2 and officers towed 13 cars and issued 12 citations.

Secondary activity leads to arrests

Part 1/2: Numerous sideshows throughout the Sacramento area led to multiple arrests. Air 21 assisted CHP, Sacramento PD and Elk Grove PD ground units as hundreds of vehicles and spectators congregated to put on sideshows, commit acts of vandalism and impede traffic flow. At one point, an Amazon driver found himself surrounded as people climbed into the semi truck, threw objects and eventually broke into the cargo container. The driver was able to leave the area unharmed and limit the cargo thefts.

published by CHP – Valley Division Air Operations on Saturday July 8, 2023

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